CFW100 Mini Drive (0.37kw to 1.1 kw)

CFW100 Mini Drive (0.37kw to 1.1 kw)
  • CFW100

CFW100 Mini Drive (0.37kw to 1.1 kw)

The smallest Drive on the market. The CFW100 covers power levels from 0.37 to 1.1 kW

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Product Description

Main characteristics

  • Output current 1.6 A; 2.6 A and 4.2 A ;
  • Single-phase power supply – 200 V;
  • Vector (VVW) or Scalar (V/F) control;
  • Plug-and-play functionality;
  • Built-in operating interface (HMI);
  • Digital inputs;
  • Surface mounting (with PLMP accessory) or DIN rail mounting;
  • Degree of protection IP20 (standard);
  • Removable external fan;
  • Fault or alarm diagnosis;
  • Electronic protection against motor overload;
  • Free SuperDrive programming software;

High performance and simplicity 

Functions available in the standard version, such as SoftPLC, Flying Starting, Ride Through, PID and Sleep Mode, provide electric energy savings, fast operating response, in addition to helping prevent possible breakdowns or involuntary stoppages. Easily installed accessories for network communication and I/O expansion enable the adaptation of the CFW100 for different applications. The flash memory module allows you to copy the setting from one CFW100 and download it to others in seconds, even with the inverters turned off, being an ideal solution for machine manufacturers.


  • Stirrers / Mixers
  • Granulators / Palletizers
  • Rotary filters
  • Roller tables
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Process dosing pumps
  • Fans / Exhausters
  • Dryers

Communication module









Expansion module

1 analog input and 1 analog output


1 analog input and 1 relay output


4 isolated (configurable) NPN or PNP digital inputs


Infrared remote control module


Other accessories

Flash memory module 


IHM (remote)


SuperDrive G2

  • Free application software to program, control and monitor the CFW1001)
  • Monitoring of the operation status in lists, which can be saved as a computer file
  • On-line parameter operation
  • Transfer of parameters from the PC to the CFW100
  • Off-line edition of the parameters stored on the PC

Detailed Information

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