The CFW900 is a high-tech VSD for driving and controlling three-phase induction and permanent magnet motors.

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The CFW900 is a high-tech VSD for driving and controlling three-phase induction and permanent magnet motors. It offers excellent static and dynamic performance and highly precise torque, speed and position control. It can be used in a wide range of applications due to its high overload capacity. Thanks to its technology, the CFW900 variable speed drive provides energy savings, safety, increased productivity and quality in the process network in which it is implemented.

Human-Machine Interface

The CFW900 HMI offers a smart, modern and easy-to-use interface with simple and fast interaction.

  • Graphic HMI;
  • Detachable Keypad;
  • Selection of the Direction of Rotation;
  • Local/Remote Selection;
  • Bluetooth Connectivity®;
  • RTC – Real-time clock;
  • Start Key;
  • Stop Key;
  • JOG Key.

Intelligent Thermal Management

Due to the constant evolution of industrial processes and machines, efficient and effective solutions are increasingly required. The CFW900 has a unique thermal management function that allows its use in environments with diferente temperatures. From an integrated system, the VSD can measure the ambient temperature and configure itself by varying its switching frequency, thus becoming a versatile VSD and enabling its use in different industrial applications.


The CFW900 can be connected to the main industrial communication networks without additional modules, as it has two switch Ethernet ports for EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and MQTT communication, and a serial port (RS485) for Modbus-RTU communication.

The new CFW900 HMI with Bluetooth® connectivity is ideal for panel builders and technical assistants, as, in conjunction with the new WPS Mobile app, it allows parameter monitoring with customized layout and components as well as parameterization, backup, restoration of parameters, and more.

WEG High Performance Technology

Vectrue Technology®

Different Types of Controls for Your Application

Induction Motor

  • Scalar: motor speed control with slip compensation.
  • VVW (Voltage Vector WEG) – voltage vector control: motor speed control with automatic adjustment to load and power supply variations.
  • Sensorless vector (without encoder) – induction motors: torque and speed vector control with excellent dynamic response, even at low speeds.
  • Vector with encoder: the encoder module makes the interface between the CFW900 and the motor, providing a closed-loop speed and position control with excellent precision and dynamic response across the entire speed range (even with the motor stopped).

PM Motor

  • VVW PM is a method to control permanent magnet motors. It is ideal for medium and high speed applications where the main requirement is energy efficiency, such as: fans, pumps and compressors.

Main features

  • Supply voltage:
    • 200 to 240 V single- or three-phase: output current 4.6 to 10.0 A (1.1 to 2.2 kW – 1.5 to 3.0 hp);
    • 200 to 240 V three-phase: output current 4.6 to 370 A (1.1 to 110 kW – 1.5 to 150 hp);
    • 380 to 480 V three-phase: output current 2.8 to 760 A (1.1 to 440 kW – 1.5 to 550 hp).
  • Small size for better use of panel space;
  • USB port incorporated into the HMI;
  • Increased processing capacity;
  • Possibility of memory expansion with 8GB MicroSD Card with industrial temperature;
  • IoT Product – Ready with MQTT protocol in standard product;
  • IE2 efficiency rating (IE C 61800-9-2 / EN 50598-2);
  • Integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1-t (Safe Stop 1 time controlled) functions.


The CFW900 has advanced features to meet the most demanding applications.

Main segments:

  • Oil and gas;
  • Pulp and Paper;
  • Sugar and Alcohol;
  • Cement and Mining;
  • Water Treatment.


  • Compressors;
  • Pumps;
  • Ventilation;
  • Load movement, among others.


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