Electronic Relays

Electronic Relays

High precision electronic circuits protected against line noises. Compact and suited for direct mounting on 35 mm DIN rail or with fixing screws. LEDs for status indication and high reliability contacts.

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Monitoring Relays RPW;
Timing Relays RTW;
Level Relays RNW;
Compact, only 22,5 mm wide, may be directly mounted on DIN rail or with fixing screws;
High precision electronic circuits protected against line noises;
LEDs for status indication;
High reliability contacts.


Monitoring Relays RPW:
WEG’s RPW relays have four different functions for monitoring voltage and a protector for motor temperature monitoring with PTC. These relays are very important for various reasons, preventing machines are destroyed, broken processes, causing serious damage.

IEC / EN 60947-1
IEC / EN 60947-5-1


Timing Relays RTW:

WEG’s RTW series are electronic devices that allow, based on time settings, the switching of an output signal according to specific functions. Commonly used in industrial machines and processes, like motor start, control boards, industrial ovens, injectors, and others. Standards:IEC/EN1812-1
Available in the following timing functions:
  • RTW- RE: On Delay;
  • RTW- PE: Impulse On;
  • RTW- CI: Asymetric Flasher Start On;
  • RTW- RD: Off Delay No Control;
  • RTW- ET: Star-delta;
  • RTW- CIL: SymmetricFlasher Start On;
  • RTW- CID: Symmetric Flasher Start Off
  • RTW- CIR: Pulse Flasher – Start On RTW- RDI: Off Delay No Control
Available in the following functions:
  • RPW-FF: Phase Loss Relay
  • RPW-FSF: Phase Sequence and Loss Relay
  • RPW-SS: Under and Overvoltage Relay
  • RPW-PTC: Thermistor Relay.

RPW-SF: Phase Sequence Relay;

Level Relay RNW:

The WEG Level Relays are electronic control devices that enable the monitoring and automatic adjustment of the level in electric current liquid conductors. Widely used in reservoir automation in general, the RNW relays can be used in several applications such as the prevention of dry pump operation, monitoring against filling tank overflow, activation of solenoids or alarms / lighting. Standards:IEC/EN1812-1
Available in the following level functions:
  • RNW EN: Filling
  • RNW ES: Draining


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