MPW Motor Protective Circuit Breakers

MPW Motor Protective Circuit Breakers

Compact solution for protection of electric circuits, and motor start and operation. With high breaking capacity, thus allowing the installation in specific applications with high short-circuit current.

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Main Features

Protection of electric circuits + operation and protection of motors

The MPW Motor-protective Circuit-breakers are a compact solution for the protection of electric circuits, and operation and protection of motors up to 60cv (380V) or 75cv (440V). With high breaking capacity, thus allowing the installation in specific applications with high short-circuit current. They assure complete protection for electric circuits and motors through thermal and magnetic releases, where the thermal release may be set to protect against overloads and is equipped with a differential mechanism with phase-loss sensitivity, and the magnetic release is set at 13xIn for short-circuit protection.

There are two available models, On-off through pushbuttons (MPW12/18) or through a handle (MPW40/65/100), and both models have trip indication, which allows the operator to visualize the status of the breaker. The starting handle can be locked with a padlock on “off” position, ensuring safety during maintenance.

General Features


Magnetic – Through the magnetic release, the MPW series offer protection against short-circuit on installations and motors, with fixed setting of 13 times the maximum current on the setting range of the breaker.
Thermal – The thermal release is adjustable and is responsible for protecting against overload, and sensitivity against phase-failure of installations and motors according to IEC60947-4-1, trip class 10.

Specification and Mounting

For correct selection criteria of the MPWs, it is important to check service and rated currents of the motor that will be protected. The current setting of the motor-protective circuit-breaker must be done according to the service current so as to assure full protection.
The MPWs can be installed through direct mounting on DIN rail 35mm or with fixing screws through a PLMP adaptor (see accessories).


Block Modules ECCMP
The block modules ECCMP allow the direct mounting of motor-protective circuit-breakers MPW18/40 to minicontactors CW07, CWC07…25 or to contactors CWB9…38, CWM9…32.
Insulated Enclosures
These insulate enclosures allow MPW12/18 and MPW40 to be installed in external environments. Developed in a way that offers the users complete protection against live parts of the electrical installation. Includes two metric cable entry knockouts, top and bottom.
Front Plate
The front plate FME55 allows the assembly of MPWs in panel doors or side. Fits an MPW40, an auxiliary contact block frontal mounting ACBF-11, an auxiliary contact block side mounting ACBS-11/ACBS-20/ACBS-02, and a shunt or undervoltage release, SRMP or URMP respetively, besides a pilot light PL (in this case, without the ACBF-11).


Frontal Mounting Auxiliary Contact Block Side Mounting Auxiliary Contact Block Undervoltage Release
Shunt Release Door Coupling Rotary Handle Trip Signalling Block
Scale Cover Pilot Lights Push-in Lugs
Three-phase Feeder Terminal Busbars Adapters


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