Switch-Disconnectors MSW

Switch-Disconnectors MSW

The MSW Switch-Disconnectors enable the manual drive of motors, machines and other equipment. Available in versions to mount on panel doors or base with currents up to 160A


The MSW Switch-Disconnectors were developed according to IEC60947-3 and UL508, enable carrying and interrupting electric currents under normal or overload conditions and provide complete physical insulation between the circuit and the power supply when in OFF position.

Main Characteristics

The Switch-Disconnectors MSW are available in versions up to 160A to mount on base, by screws or DIN rail, and in versions up to 100A to mount on panel doors.
The MSW handles, which have IP65 protection degree, allow to place 3 padlocks in OFF position. Because this characteristic, along with the handles colors, the MSW Switch-Disconnectors can be used as emergency switching off device.
In addition, the MSW line has accessories like auxiliary contacts and terminal covers to be adapted to different applications.
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