Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

WEG power factor correction capacitors were designed using self-healing metallized polypropylene film, have security protection against internal over pressure and the dielectric losses are less than 0.2 W/kVAr.


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The growing demand for electricity has required large investments in power generation to meet the rate of global development, both in developing countries where the population has gained greater access to consumer goods, and in developed countries, where energy efficiency has been object concern in order to reduce high investments in power generation. These investments, however, besides being planned in the medium and long term, involve the use of increasingly scarce natural resources which are subject to environmental pressures.
In short term, the best way to increase the supply of electricity has been reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency. It is estimated that currently 40% of global consumption of electricity is related to the use of electric motors. Moreover, the application of new technologies has become increasingly common in many industry sectors, bringing deep changes in the form of application and control of electric motors.
Within this context of technological changes and pressures for higher energy efficiency, WEG presents its line of capacitors for power factor correction. These capacitors are manufactured in accordance with National and International Standards such as NBr IEC 60831 Parts 1 and 2, EN IEC 60831 Parts 1 and 2, UL 810, and its supply chain bears ISO 9001 and ISo 14001 certification.The figure below illustrates how the Power Factor Correction works to increase energy efficiency.

Technology and Features:
  • Self-healing metalized polypropylene film
  • Internal over pressure security device
  • Maximum allowed fault current of 10kA
  • Dielectric losses smaller than 0,2 W/kVAr
  • Internal discharge resistors in three-phase units, modules and banks
  • Designed in accordance with standards IEC 60831-1/2 and UL810

Models Available


  • Power from 0.62 to 6.67 kVAr at voltages 208 to 240V, and from 0.62 to 10kVAr at voltages 380 to 535V;
  • Capacitive units for mounting three-phase modules and banks;
  • Grounding guaranteed by the screw that fixes the capacitive unit to the mounting plate;
  • Replacement of expanded cells in modules and banks;
  • Fast-on, Philips and box terminals.


  • Power from 0.37 to 20kVAr at voltages 208 to 240V, and from 0.37 to 35kVAr at voltages 380 to 535V;
  • Ideal for localized / individual motor correction;
  • Internally incorporated discharge resistors;
  • Protecting cover for connections;
  • Philips and box terminals.
Power from 1.85 to 10kVAr at voltages 208 to 240V, and from 1.85 to 15kVAr at voltages 380 to 535V;
– Power up to 60 kVAr with 4 modules in parallel;
– Internally incorporated discharge resistors;
– Single-phase capacitive units connected in delta;
– Equipped with discharge resistors (30s, 1/10Un).
– Available for switching capacitor banks up to 61kVAr at 400/415V;
– Mounting with screws or directly on 35-mm DIN rail;
– Developed with pre-charge resistances to reduce high in-rush currents.


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